How Tribes Can Prepare for Tribal Sovereignty Blow From Supreme Court

Indian Country Today

In the first part of this two-part series, we provided a short history of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case State of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community, discussed its relevance to the sustainability of the legal doctrine of tribal sovereign immunity, and detailed two potential outcomes of the case, what they would mean for tribes, and what tribes should consider doing to prepare. In this part, we detail two other, far more harmful potential outcomes, and offer tribes some concluding food for thought about the relationship between tribal sovereign immunity and their efforts to govern well...

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Seelau, Ryan & Ian Record. "How Tribes Can Prepare for Tribal Sovereignty Blow From Supreme Court." Indian Country Today. November 8, 2013. Opinion. (, accessed July 18, 2023)

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Tribal sovereign immunity has far-reaching implications, impacting a wide range of critical governance issues from the protection and exertion of legal jurisdiction to the creation of a business environment that can stimulate and sustain economic development. Native Nations Institute (NNI) Radio…

The Bay Mills Case: An Opportunity for Native Nations

On May 27th, the U.S. Supreme Court finally handed down its decision in the Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community case. The good news for Native nations is that the Court upheld the doctrine of tribal sovereign immunity, opting not to carry out any of the doomsday scenarios many suggested could…

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As regular visitors to this site and other Indian country media outlets no doubt have seen in recent weeks, Native nation leaders, tribal attorneys, and federal Indian law practitioners alike are gravely concerned about a case currently pending before the Supreme Court: State of Michigan v. Bay…