The SEEDS of Indigenous population health data linkage


Globally, the ways that Indigenous data are collected, used, stored, shared, and analyzed are advancing through Indigenous data governance movements. However, these discussions do not always include the increasingly sensitive nature of linking Indigenous population health (IPH) data. During the International Population Data Linkage Network Conference in September of 2018, Indigenous people from three countries (Canada, New Zealand, and the United States) gathered and set the tone for discussions around Indigenous-driven IPH data linkage.

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Rowe, R., Carroll, S. R. ., Healy, C., Rodriguez-Lonebear, D. and Walker, J. D. (2021) “The SEEDS of Indigenous Population Health Data Linkage”, International Journal of Population Data Science, 6(1). doi: 10.23889/ijpds.v6i1.1417.

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