Skokomish Indian Tribe Constitution

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Skokomish Indian Tribe: Terms of Office Excerpt

ARTICLE IV - TRIBAL COUNCIL Sec. 4.  Terms of Office Each Tribal Council member shall be elected for a term of four (4) years.  Terms of office for the seven (7) council members shall be staggered, two (2) members being elected each year for three (3) consecutive years and one (1) member being…

Skokomish Indian Tribe: Initiative and Referendum Excerpt

ARTICLE VIII - INITIATIVE Section 1.  Right of Initiative. Voters of the Skokomish tribe shall have the right to cause a vote of the General Council on any legislation proposed by the voters and on any proposed or enacted ordinance or resolution of the Tribal Council. No later than thirty (30) days…

Tribes across the country are re-examining their constitutions

Erma Vizenor is not exactly a revolutionary. But like America’s founders, she’s on a mission to ratify a new constitution in her homeland – the White Earth tribal nation. Most Americans don’t realize that tribes have their own constitutions, which set down rules for everything from tribal…