Teach youth about forms of government


Why aren’t the schools teaching about the IRA form of government? Why aren’t they teaching about the traditional tiospaye form of government?

The disenchantment and what appears to be apathy or even seditiousness toward the Indian Reorganization Act system of government have become “normal” among many voters in my home district. This voter consensus seems to come from the fact that they are continually reminded, via tribal council actions, of their powerlessness to correct government. It is annoying to know that this problem afflicting us here on the Pine Ridge, voters and leaders alike, rises out of the fact that not one individual living today received formal schooling on this system of government under the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA). It is also irritating to “see” the continuing unconcern among federal and tribal educators regarding this serious educational shortage...

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Star Comes Out, Ivan. "Teach youth about forms of government." Native Sun News. July 17, 2014. Opinion. (http://www.indianz.com/News/2014/014426.asp, accessed February 4, 2024)

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