Teslin Tlingit: Governmental Structure Excerpt


6.1 The powers, authority, jurisdiction, responsibility and duties of the Teslin Tlingit Council shall be exercised by one or more of the four branches of the government:  the General  Council; Executive Council; Elders Council and the Justice Council.
6.2 The four branches of government shall not exercise any of the powers and/or responsibilities belonging to any of the others, except as provided for in this  Constitution.
6.3 The General Council may, by order, prescribe the procedures to be followed such as General Assembly or referendum for the purpose of ratifying agreements or to consider other important matters.
6.4 In matters requiring government decisions, it is the tradition of the Teslin Tlingit Council to use the consensus method. The term "consensus" as used in relation to any division of government means unanimous decision by the members of that division.