Teslin Tlingit: Governmental Structure Excerpt


5.1 The government of the Teslin Tlingit Council shall be based upon the traditional Clan system of government.
5.2 The citizenship and organization of each Clan shall be determined by the customs inherited and observed by the Clan and acknowledged by the other Clans.
5.3 Each Clan has a Leader and other Elders recognized as such by the Clan membership.
5.4 Each Clan shall maintain an up-to-date list of its members and shall keep a copy of this list posted in the Longhouse or other recognized public place.
5.5 The Teslin Tlingit Clans have emblems, which are a part of their tradition, these are as follows:
CLAN              EMBLEM            LEADERS 
Daxaweidi     Eagle                   Doug Smarch Sr.
Daishetaan   Beaver                 Watson Smarch 
Ishketaan      Frog                     Sam Johnston 
Xooxetaan    Raven Children  Frank Jackson 
Yanyeidi        Wolf                     Mathew Thom