Tribal Climate Tools To Engage Community & Build Resilience


The following toolkit is designed to support Tribal efforts to prepare vulnerability assessments, and adaptation and resilienceplans. The toolkit includes approaches to community engagement as well as methodologies and tactics to set priorities and develop step by step blueprints to map adaptive measures. Each tool can stand alone or be used in combination with a selection of all or some, depending on the needs and approach of the Tribe. In general, most of the tools are designed to help the user take a more systemic view of the complexity of climate change.

The Toolkit is broken down into the following sections:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Downscalingclimate data
  • Identifying important assets
  • Capturing local information
  • Organizing your assets
  • Preparing a vulnerability assessment
  • Testing your vulnerabilities against system knowledge
  • Ranking your adaptation options
  • Using backcasting to plan for adaptation
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Environmental Finance Center West. Tribal Climate Tools To Engage Community & Build Resilience. (September 2019). Environmental Finance Center: West Oakland, California.…

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