Web Extra: American Indians Confront 'Savage Anxieties'

Public Affairs Television, Inc.

This week Bill speaks with legal expert Robert A. Williams Jr. about how stereotypes of American Indians have been codified into laws and government policies, with devastating consequences.

In this web extra, Bill speaks with Williams about why none of the Supreme Court justices “wants Indian cases,” Hollywood’s use of “savage” imagery, the Redskins controversy and much more. Williams also talks to Bill about the difference between racist attitudes toward African-Americans and American Indians historically...

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Public Affairs Television, Inc. "Web Extra: American Indians Confront 'Savage Anxieties.'” Moyers & Company. New York, New York. December 26, 2014. Interview. (http://billmoyers.com/2014/12/26/web-extra-american-indians-confront-sav..., accessed June 4, 2024)

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