7 Tribal Programs That Protect Our Winged and Four-Legged Brothers


The news is full of sad stories about dying animals, species of all kinds being wiped out, and the random shooting of animals, among other depressing events. Amid all that it’s easy to forget that efforts aplenty are afoot to reverse the declines, save species, restore habitat and pull endangered animals back from the edge of extinction. The animals and birds are our brothers and sisters, after all.

Here are seven examples of tribal initiatives that are taking back the spirit of environmental stewardship–be they restoring the land, reintroducing species or creating safe conditions for their intersection with modern human life...

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Jicarilla Apache's Wildlife and Fisheries Management Program

Recognized by state game and fish agencies as being one of the best of its kind, JGFD’s program includes a game and fish code and a wildlife management fund for habitat enhancement projects. The program restored the reservation’s mule deer population and trophy trout, and established a commercial…

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White Mountain Apache Wildlife and Recreation Program

The White Mountain Apache Wildlife and Recreation Program fulfills the dual role of performing all wildlife conservation and management and serving as a self-sustaining business enterprise based on the Tribe’s recreation/tourism industry. The program’s effective wildlife management techniques have…


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