ON Congress passes five-year banishment bill targeting convicted drug dealers


Dangerous drug dealers convicted in the Osage Nation tribal court system are now subject to a mandatory minimum five-year banishment from the Nation’s jurisdiction.

The Fourth ON Congress passed a bill (ONCA 15-31 sponsored by Congressman RJ Walker) on April 20 with a 7-4 vote putting the five to 10-year banishment penalty into Osage law targeting those who are convicted of selling, manufacturing or distributing dangerous drugs including methamphetamine on the Nation’s properties including the three villages, the government campus in Pawhuska and the seven Osage Casinos...

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Polacca, Benny. "ON Congress passes five-year banishment bill targeting convicted drug dealers." Osage News. May 4, 2015. Article. (https://osagenews.org/on-congress-passes-five-year-banishment-bill-targeting-convicted-drug-dealers/, accessed May 30, 2024)

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