Osage Nation to receive $7.4 million in Cobell Land Buy-Back program

Osage News

The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations has come to the Osage and the federal government is proposing $7.4 million to buy back fractionated land interest from individual tribal members. According to tribal development and land acquisition director Bruce Cass, who is working with Osage attorney Terry Mason Moore on the project, the Nation will be contacting 680-690 individual landowners concerning roughly 64,000 acres about the program. Those eligible for the buy-back program are individuals who own an interest in a parcel of land with multiple owners. There must also be a clear land title, and all estates in probate will not receive offers. The BIA has already been working to identify those individuals eligible for offers, Cass said. A majority of the fractionated land lies in the southern part of Osage County.

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Duty, Shannon Shaw. "Nation to receive $7.4 million in Cobell Land Buy-Back program." Osage News. January 26, 2015. Article. (https://osagenews.org/nation-to-receive-7-4-million-in-cobell-land-buy-back-program/, accessed May 24, 2024)

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