Implications of the Supreme Court's Embrace of Negative Stereotypes


The issues surrounding Native stereotypes should not be dismissed or diminished as merely "surface" problems. "Indian" stereotypes go to the core of the legal, political and economic struggles that Indigenous peoples confront in their work to preserve and strengthen their respective cultures and identities and create brighter futures for themselves and their children and their children's and so on. 

This talk by renowned Indian law scholar Robert A. Williams Jr. sheds light on just how deeply imbedded these stereotypes truly are in the minds of all of us, focusing specifically on how the United States Supreme Court and its sitting justices' embrace of negative racial stereotypes about Indigenous peoples govern their jurisprudence.

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Williams, Jr. Robert A. "Implications of the Supreme Court's Embrace of Negative Stereotypes." Red Ink: A Native American Student Publication. Vol. 9, No. 2. American Indian Studies Program, The University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona. 2001: 91-99. Article.

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