Northern Cheyenne Tribe starts business arm


How can a dent be put into the 72% unemployment rate on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation?

One solution is business development, particularly tribal enterprise. Not a new concept because the Northern Cheyenne Tribe has established, owned and operated several businesses over the years gaining a perfect track record: nearly all tribally owned and operated business have failed. The only exception is the Cheyenne Depot 1 a gas station/convenience store, the only such outlet on the Reservation, but that too has teetered near financial ruin.

Recently, the Tribal Council decided to turn management of three tribal businesses over to a separate entity, the Northern Cheyenne Development Corporation (NCDC)...

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Caufield, Clara. "Northern Cheyenne Tribe starts business arm." Native Sun News. March 16, 2015. Article. (, accessed May 30, 2024)

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