Peacemaking Program of the Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation


The concept of peacemaking or hózh̨óji naat’aah goes back to the beginning of time and is embedded in the journey narrative. In fact, according to the journey narrative, the Holy People journeyed through four worlds. In the course of their journey, they came upon many problems, which were either caused naturally or caused by the Holy People. 

The problems had to be addressed and resolved before the journey continued. The problems could be addressed by the use of prayers, songs and offerings. These remedies were incorporated into the Diné Traditional Ceremonies. Another way to address the problems was to talk about them in a controlled way. This talking out became the Diné peacemaking process.

The Diné traditional dispute resolution process is the Diné traditional court of law and equity. This process is known as hózh̨óji naat’aah which can be loosely translated as reparation or mending of controversies through harmony. Diné Peacemaking is an adaptation of the traditional process...

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Navajo Nation. Navajo Peacemaking Guide. Navajo Nation. July 2012. Guide. (, accessed May 30, 2024)

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