Returning to Our Indigenous Core Values: Our Challenge? Striking a Balance

University of New Mexico

Regis Pecos is the Chief of Staff, House Majority Office; Co-Director, Leadership Institute; Former Governor, Cochiti Pueblo Regis Pecos is from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy at Princeton University, where he recently finished a term as Trustee for the University. He is completing his doctorate degree at the University of California at Berkeley. He served as both Lt. Governor and Governor and is a lifetime member of the Tribal Council at Cochiti Pueblo. Regis served for 16 years as Executive Director of the New Mexico Office of Indian Affairs under four administrations. He is the former Chief of Staff to the New Mexico Speaker of the House and co-founded the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School. 

Native Nations

Pecos, Regis. Returning to Our Indigenous Core Values: Our Challenge? Striking a Balance. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Center for Health Policy. University of New Mexico. Las Lomas, New Mexico. June 4, 2013. Video. (, accessed October 18, 2023)

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